A CarFax on Solana network

How hard would it be to create a CarFax like company that uses the Solana network ?

Hi @Cryptoairck and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I think that building any significant, complete application on Solana would be a decently sized job, but that’s not because of Solana specifically, just because building a full-blown application can be a lot of work.

I think the biggest obstacle to usin+would be that you can’t store all the data, such as images and long descriptions, on the chain, just because rent fees are so high that it’s infeasible, so you would have to use IPFS, S3 or some other mechanism for storage, and then store hashes of the content on-chain so that it can be verified.

This would just be more work and infrastructure you would have to decide how to manage.

Still, I think it’s totally possible.

Check out this post for a breakdown on how developing on Solana compares to developing a typical Node.js + MongoDB type of application.