A game for Solana


I’m Math, a video game developper, and happy to present my first DAPP web3 Solana.
It’s a game contest, a little bit like SolaJump.
The goal is to challenge players and sol owners to make the greatest score before the end of the countdown (actually one week).
The winner win at least 1 SOL.

The game is on BETA stage and you can play for free with devnet SOLS.
This version is going to be upgraded, most of all concerning the landing page.
I’d be glad to hear your feedbacks.


best regards,


PS: If you are a Solana addict and looking for opportunities as community manager, brandering, marketing and if this project can interest you please let me know it !

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Hi @Math and thanks for sharing! :tada:

If I get the chance sometime I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

Glad to see new people getting into Solana!

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