Accidently sent my SPL tokens to "token address" insted of "owner" address

I have sent my SPL token from Kraken exchange to my paper wallet “token address” instead of “owner” address. Now looks like my SPL tokens are locked in a new created address. The tokens are still related to my owner address but I can not access them. Is there a fix in the work for this? Now… my SPL tokens are stuck and I can not do anything because “CreateAssociatedAccount” has been activated. Although I already have an account. Please fix this.

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Hi @Greenfox, I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing anybody can do to get your tokens back. Sorry. :confused:

As a quick check, you could try running spl-token accounts -v to see if the tokens pop up in that list, but if not, then they are most-likely trapped inside an account that the SPL Token program smart contract owns and that cannot be recovered.

I can see them. They are just credited to a new created account. But this account is related to my owner address. Why the hell is Solana doing this? I have always sent my SPL from FTX to the SPL token address and never had any issues. There must be a fix for this. Someody already working on it on Github? Actually it just needs a fix where the “general token balance” is putted into one general account instead of splitting them into many new accounts. Just put “owner” and “token” address into ONE general address. Why is this so hard to do?

Please ignore the scammer above. They just joined the forum under a name like S0LANA to make it look like they are a support official.

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It seems like this may have been a mistake on FTX’s part. Solana already has a standard to figure out which token account to send the tokens to, so I’m not sure why this happend.

If you can see the tokens when you run spl-token accounts, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Try running spl-token gc and see if that fixes it.

There is a fix in the making for this issue already on GitHub. Where you will be able to recover the locked funds that have been tapped inside of the SPL Token program smart contract.

I’m not a developer so I can not run the commands that you have shown me.
I don’t even know what “gc” stands for and where I should tap this in.

Many folks out there have to deal with this issue and their funds are also locked inside of a “child” address.

If you have the Solana CLI installed then you should be able to run the command in your terminal.

You mind posting a link to the issue on GitHub, in case other people run into this thread?

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Do you have a solution sir? your case is the same as mine

Ah got it!

Here is the link to the GitHub case: associated-token-account: Add close nested account by joncinque · Pull Request #2889 · solana-labs/solana-program-library · GitHub

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Some folks form Solana Foundation are working on a solution already. You need to be patient.

ok, hope you can find a way out

Also happened to me. Waiting for a fix!