Accidently sent SOL to a 43 character wallet

So I was trying to send my SOL and accidentally didn’t paste the last letter of my wallet address. I know SOL wallets are supposed to be 44 characters so why did it go through with 43? Am I screwed or is there any way it will fail at some point and be returned.
Here is the transaction :frowning:

Hi @tw098 and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Unfortunately there’s no way to get the money back. It’s stuck in that wallet which nobody has the keys to. Sorry for your loss! :confused:

I’m not sure exactly why a 43 character wallet address works. The address is a base58 string, which means it’s really just a fancy way to specify a big number in a small space by using letters as well as numbers. Because of that, it probably works just like normal numbers, if the number is shorter, it just means it’s a smaller number, and that’s still a valid number.

Anyway, the wallet should have a safety check that warns you about wallet addresses that aren’t 44 characters, but unfortunately wallets are missing a lot of those kinds of safety checks that they should have for now.

So sorry about that!

Yea I was using a phantom wallet figured they would have that feature too :frowning: Guess this was the closure I needed I appreciate the response and wish you well