Accidently sent SOL to a BNB wallet

Hello everyone!

I was sending SOL from my wallet to another but I accidently sent SOL using BNB wallet number. Is there anything can be done?

Hi @Didf and welcome to the forum! :wave:

First off, beware of scammers on the forum, don’t reply to private messages.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to get the money back, I’m sorry for your loss!

Once sent, there’s no way to reverse a transaction, and since the address you sent it to doesn’t actually “exist” on Solana, it now belongs to a wallet that nobody has the key for, so nobody in the world can actually spend it.

Thank you, I guess lots of people lost their money the same way.

Yes, you’re not the only one. Unfortunately it’s one of the absolutely most common mistakes I’ve seen in crypto, but I believe it could be avoided simply enough with a modification of the token protocol.

Imagine if there was such a concept as marking wallets as “auto-accepting” token transfers, and if you sent money to a wallet that wasn’t set to auto-accept, such as a non-existent wallet, then it would allow you to withdraw your funds, as long as you did it before somebody ( if there was anybody with the key for that wallet ) came and submitted a transaction to mark the wallet as auto-accepting tokens.

Then it would stay convenient, but people would stop losing millions of dollars by sending to bad addresses.

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