Adding Solana Project to website


I’m trying to add a new project to the Solana ecosystem on the Solana website. When I put in the project name it indicates that it already exists. However, when I search on the website for that name, the search comes up empty. Is there anyone that I can engage with to sort this out?



Hi @adam and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Unfortunately, I’m the only one who really watches the forum right now, and I’m not associated to the Solana Foundation, so I’m not going to be able to help.

You can check the Solana Discord channel to see if anybody there can help, or you can try different communication channels mentioned on the community page.

Sorry I can’t help more!

Hi Zicklag,

Ok, thank you! I’ve tried at and the discord invite link does not work? Do you have an active one that you could share?



Ah, bummer, you can try this one:

If that doesn’t work post your discord username in this thread and I’ll mention it to an admin to see if he can revert the auto-ban.