An ERC20 Token contract through Anchor Framework

Hey is it possible to make a ERC20 token contract using the anchor framework instead of making it in the core rust language, Is there any similar project or github or any other resource exists in which there is a similar thing is done.

Hi @AbuBakar672 and welcome to the forum! :wave:

If I understand what you mean, it is 100% possible to make a token contract with Anchor, and I’d probably recommend it over using the core rust framework. Though it is good to understand how the core framework works.

Anyway, I don’t know of any great examples out there, unfortunately. I’d warn that the Anchor documentation is a little bit lacking. What’s there isn’t bad, but I had run into issues early on with it that I couldn’t figure out with error messages and not being able to figure out how things worked.

It seems, though, that Anchor itself is more mature than its documentation gave me the impression of, because it is used it great projects such as Saber and Quarry.

It’s no great tutorial, but looking at those project’s source-code could be good for learning how things are done. The Serum multisig contract is also a simple, easy-to-read Anchor program that could be good to look at.

Anyway, if you have questions, feel free to ask here! I’m currently the only person answering most questions on the forum, so if I don’t know something then you’d probably be best reaching out on Discord somewhere, but I’d love to push adoption of the forum so asking here and posting any answers you find would be helpful to future users.

Thanks @zicklag Can you guide me one more thing that how can we create a two faced token on Solana, Like it should be a governance and utility token both, Is there any guide available that you can provide me