An NFT game to death - FallenApes - Should we support Solana

We are launching a new NFT game to death ( Fallen Apes ), were if you survive you get rewarded. It will be a cross-chain game available on Ethereum and one more blockchain ( Cardano,Solana or Harmony ) and so we are asking each community why they think we should add support to their blockchain.

Solana for now has the upper hand with the biggest nft community, but what else?

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Hey @FallenSoldier and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of people here on the Solana forum. I’m the only one really answering questions, so it might not be the best place to get insight from the larger community.

Also the official Solana discord seems heavily focused on devs and because of the abundance of scammers they don’t like people posting links to projects, so that probably isn’t a good place to reach out either.

I’m not really on Reddit or Discord actively, but maybe Reddit is more the place for announcing projects and getting feedback from Solana users.

Anyway, that probably doesn’t give a great impression of the Solana community. We need some work I think in the Solana community communication realm, and I’ve been trying to do my part helping here on the forum.

So, I’ll let you know why I choose to use and build on Solana.

The biggest reasons I use Solana are its speed and its low fees. Solana seems to do well in holding up its claim as the fastest blockchain on the planet, and the fact that most transactions cost $0.001, and they are set to stay under $0.01, is awesome.

Ethereum, to me, just seems impractical due to the enormous fees, and adding Layer 2 solutions just adds more to think about and deal with. Solving speed and efficiency on Layer 1 seems much more elegant.

Also, I really believe in Rust, so that is another motivating factor for me. Being able to use Rust to develop smart contracts is very appealing to me. And I believe that having the blockchain itself written Rust is very important for security.

Finally, I’ve enjoyed Solana. It’s ecosystem is expanding and some nice tools and communities are forming. I think that Solana is ripe to the be one of the big blockchains of the future, and it’s already getting there despite being so young. I think it’s a well designed blockchain with a lot of the right incentives and massive potential as it develops into the future.

Indeed, solana need to have a bigger forum or somewhere where new projects can reach out to the communiy. Solana has a lot right now, with the low fees and the community and we should do all in our power to help this wonderful project. Thank you for your feedback!

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