Another person got my Seedphrase - am I done?

Hey there. Im new to the Solana Network in general.

I created a solletwallet extension and transfered some Sol there. Then I staked the big part of it on Solanium to be able to get whitelisted in their IDOs.

Because I didnt want to have access only on my Desk I looked in the Playstore and there was an app called “Sollet Wallet”. I downloaded it and entered my seed phrase.

I know it was the biggest mistake I could have done. The next day the rest of my holdings on this wallet were gone (around 1k dollars)

Okay thats fine for me. But my main problem is that the big part is staked for 1 year on Solanium. And after that year I dont want the thief to have access to the unstaked amount. Beside that I want to have access to the IDOs.

Is there a way to change the seed?

Or what is when I import the the Sollet wallet to my Trustwallet? Will the thief still have access with the seedphrase of the Sollet wallet?

Thanks for your time reading this and maybe for the help.

Cheers Elijah

Hi @Elijah and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately it’s impossible to change the seed, and now the attacker will have just as much control over the wallet as you do.

Yes. No matter which wallet app you use, the seed phrase is essentially the ultimate password that grants unlimited power to do anything with your wallet.

Your only chance to get access to those un-staked funds is to race to transfer them out of the wallet as soon as those funds are un-staked. But the attacker may have a script that watches that wallet automatically and transfers funds out immediately as soon as they enter the wallet, so you might not have very good chances of beating him to it without a script of your own.

As far as getting access to the IDOs, I’m assuming those IDOs are given only to wallets that have staked, so I don’t think there’s anything you can do to get access to that. Or at least you would be racing with the attacker again, because you both have equal power over that wallet now.

Sorry for you lost funds!