Any Solana developers want to earn 6 SOL for a day's work?

Hi all,

I am looking for somebody who has strong experience of working with Solana to spend a day brainstorming and idea with me.

I need somebody who has experience of developing apps on Solana and also a strong understanding of Solana’s core open source project. Preferably somebody who has been involved in developing Solana.

I’m willing to pay 6 SOL for the day’s work and can be flexible on which day we do it, just as soon as possible.



Hi @jpataylor and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I might be able to find time to discuss with you. What were you thinking of doing, a web meeting? And how long, about a couple hours or longer?

Also, I stay away from working on projects that involve artwork at all, because I’m not comfortable with much of the art content. As long as it’s just technical discussion and brainstorming I should be fine with it.

I’ve got a solid understanding of Solana programs and how they work, though I haven’t worked on Solana itself yet, and I haven’t made a full-blown production Solana program for anything yet.

As some record of my experience I’m currently answering all the questions on the forum and regularly give detailed explanations of how Solana works. I’m also a natural problem solver with years of Rust and solution design and architecture experience.

That still may not qualify me and there is still stuff I don’t know about Solana, so you might be able to find somebody better to talk to.

If you want to find other people, I recommend looking on Discord, because I’m pretty much the only one who watches the forum and answers questions. For some reason all the devs only use Discord and aren’t on the forum.

Hi @zicklag and thanks for the welcome!

To answer your questions, yes a web meeting is fine and I would like to give ourselves a full day at it. I’m on Central European Time but happy to do late my time if that suits you.

Having given this more thought last night I’ve decided to get two people to help out - two minds being better than one and all that. With that in mind I think you have enough experience to be a great help. There is no need artwork involved. So as long as we can find a suitable time, I’ll count you in.

You mentioned that I should post in Discord. Which channel on Discord would you recommend I post in? I know people like to keep some channels clear for purely technical questions.

Thanks again

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that, I’m very rarely on Discord. I think they are pretty tight with what you are allowed to post on the Solana discord. I guess the only other place I know of to try and ask would be Reddit, but I’m not sure if you get a lot of knowledgeable people on Reddit or not.

It wouldn’t be feasible for me to be able to allocate a full day unfortunately. An hour or two for a meeting would be the most I can manage, but I would also be totally fine collaborating over Email, Delta chat, or private message here on the forum over a longer period of time if that works for you. I just can’t secure that long of unbroken time.

No problem. Maybe a quick introductory chat and then see where we go from there?

Don’t think I’m able to start a DM on here. Guess it’s because I’m new to the forum. Are you able to DM me?

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Sounds good. I sent you a DM, that you should be able to reply to.