Are There Any NOT Too Complicated Full Stack Developer Videos ? / I

Hi Guys,

1/ I watched the Why Develop on Solana Chat.


I’ve been learning Ethereum but The Fees ! The Fees ! The Fees ! so I looked around …

2/ It’d help if you could Mint some FULL STACK “GoldieLocks” YouTube Developer Videos.

NOT Too Simple NOT Too Clever

Seeing is believing …

NO ASSUMPTIONs about Setting Up the Development Environment - WHO LIKES LINUX ? WHO UNDERSTANDS IT ?

NOT too many imports for the Code

As REAL as possible Testnet Deployment

And why NOT a Mainnet Deployment ?

3/ I think a valid Video Tutorial would be a combination of these two Tutorials …

I combined Two …

Deploy your first Solidity smart contract with Remix IDE

Code Your First Smart Contract on Ethereum | Beginner Tutorial

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Hi @HamsihAndrew and welcome to the forum!

I agree that the learning material in Solana still needs to be built up to a good level. It’s definitely not competitive with Ethereum’s great stack of learning resources.

Tell me about it. I was once just going to set up my account for an Ethereum freelancing website, and the sign-in asked me to pay $250 in gas fees just to create my account!!! The minimum it would let me pay was $8 and it was like “there’s no knowing when the transaction will go through, if it goes through at all”. :astonished:

I’ve been thinking about making videos or tutorials in on a learning website, and maybe a Udemy course, but maybe I should seriously start working on that. I think there is a need.

Anyway, I think you’ve given a good overview of what you need, but if you have any more specifics on what you would want in a video course, let me know!

I’m assuming the course you would want would be a series of videos that walks through the entire Solana contract development workflow in a clean and easy-to-understand way, correct?

Any kind of app you would want to learn how to make?

Do you want to know how to make a web frontend for your contract, too? ( Probably, right? )

Any other thoughts, or asks for a video series?

Are videos better than reading tutorials off of a website?

How do people usually show code-samples in a video? Do they just record their screen? ( I don’t actually watch YouTube video’s so I’ve never really watched a video guide for learning how to program something ).

Thanks for taking and interest Ziglag.

Come back to me with ANY Questions … You might struggle to understand my Coding, because it is at the Genius Level …

There is a real knack to a good YouTube Tutorial Video !! Technical People can get bogged down or oppositely think that they need to re-invent the Moon Landing in cleverness.

I should know I have watched hundreds… I have included Artur Chmaro’s Work as he gets the sort of GoldieLocks principle right. Search You-Tube watch?v=bZKVfXmzRDw

“Deploy your first Solidity smart contract with Remix IDE“

“Integrate React.js with Smart Contracts (read / write / events) “

Yes they record their Desktops and then Edit the Video. Some edit too tightly.

I think the best thing is to give it your best shot. The title you use is very important.

1/ What you do or say has to be replicable EXACTLY. SO NO ASSUMPTIONs. Do you have a semi-computer literate friend who can crash test your Video Tutorial. Or just get him to follow your verbal instructions so you can learn where the problems come.


Be very careful at the Environment Set Up as I think this is where many Give Up.

A 5 minute set up can take a Watcher upto 1 hour to attempt and probably fail. No harm to show some of the problems you encounter.

If it is Linux then that might be a 10 min Video of its own.

2/ I think it has to be based on a Real World but VERY SIMPLE DApp Possibility.

a/ Defi – I coded a Simple Lock It Up on The Blockchain DApp (you can run it)

b/ Game -

c/ Minting -

d/ NFT –

3/ There need to be Break Points where the Watcher can logically and practically stop. And switch off and close down the Environment, and NOT have to re-load it all and run it all again just to get back to the Re-Start Point again.

4/ Basically it called learn by doing. Or copying line by line. I called it Coding by Numbers. We used to do painting by Numbers.

So the All the Code developed from Start Point to Break Point needs to be seen.

And you load it to GitHub bit by bit if necessary but I feel if you keep the idea Simple then you could do all the Back End Coding on one Video of NOT more than 20 Minutes.

5/ So it looks like you’d do

a/ A Set Up Video which if it includes Linux might be the most watched Video ever done. And start with a clear introduction to the Goals.

b/ A Coding part that includes as few Imports as possible. The Code is loaded to GitHub. So many line by line with some explanation of the Code Language being used. Avoid copying in large chunks but if necessary you can do function by function if you need to.

c/ Deploying and UI are ALL TOO Often taken as read. But they are equally as important as the Other parts.


JUST HAVE A GO. You can use my simple Proof of Concept Prototype if you like. At least it will save you some time thinking thru another.

I’ll send the Code some how maybe off the Cloud. You just open the Remix IDE and drop the Code into a File.sol in the Contracts folder. Don’t forget Metamask and the Ropsten Testnet for the injected Web3. It gives the Full Stack. I’ll revoke the access after 48hrs so take a copy.


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Awesome @HamsihAndrew, thanks for the tips! I really appreciate it.

I’ll try to remember to let you know if I get to doing any videos.

Hi Zicklag … Here is The Man from Xripple. NOT a bad attempt. He simply works thru the Docs to build a simple DApp on XRP. About right on the GoldieLocks Scale … I got to Half Way before I hit the Nodes … The Nodes The Nodes … H


Hey, I am also looking for some hands-on video tutorial to accelerate my learning on Solana. Wondering are there any good tutorials out there or any recommended courses?

Kindly check out your DM

Beware of @S0LANA who is a scammer.

I don’t know of any video tutorials for Solana yet. The best thing I’ve found so far is the figment courses, but they aren’t videos:

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