Are these scams?

So I think I’ve been scammed by a website that claims to be a new token called Mehracki that apparently launches on the Solana blockchain in August. I’ve transferred Solana to a wallet and apparently been allocated coins.

Can someone confirm if this is indeed a scam? Also another one called Roboape. - website - token purchase site

Basically just want to know for sure if I’ve been a fool and got caught.

Created an account just to answer this.

It’s almost certainly a scam (95% accuracy). They removed their instagram account, but still exist on Telegram. Although I hate Telegram, I created an account just to check them out. I entered their group page.

I said that it was impressive how they monopolized the search results without publishing the identity of any core developer or releasing any source code on Github. A roundabout way of saying that I had suspicions of it being a scam without actually doing so.

They didn’t ban me, but my comment was removed within 2 minutes.

As I was new to the crypto space, I was wondering whether it was normal to have half finished websites up and running in the lead-up to an ICO, turns out it isn’t.

In the unlikely event that it isn’t an outright scam and instead turns out to be a rug pull, there are about 9000 suckers in the group right now, so they should inflate the price by about 10 times before the ponzi scheme runs out, so cash out during the initial coin offering and you may get some of your money back.

If it doesnt have massively starred / forked Github source code, or a published panel of developers, its a scam. Solara, the blockchain network Mehracki claims to be built on top of, has both of these, while Mehracki doesn’t.

Another one I found is the Firepin token, the website looks the exact same as, also with a focus on NFTs, likely run by the same people.

Be on your guard folks.