Asset icon - how to create

Hello! I am working on my own and private asset on Solana. I cannot find suggestion on how to create an asset icon and how to see it in Solflare.

Hello. The symbols are depending on the Coin listing websites like Congeko. Isn’t it?

I got some informations here:

But there isn’t a tutorial out of there.

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Hello solaners. This topic should be taken in more regard because the more easy is the token creation the more is the spread of the blockchain project. For Example in Cardano for me was impossible to create a Private Token with the support of a web wallet. And now I am surrounding my project with this investigation. The more easy is the job, the more high is the Solana success!

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@jeyjey with your experiences so far, do you have any ideas to make it easier to create custom tokens on Solana?

Like would a page or link in the SPL Token Program docs for how to create a token icon be something useful? Could we create community documentation site that could cover some of these less-covered topics in the Solana ecosystem, maybe?

Anyway, your use-case could maybe provide a reference for what extra learning resources we could use for Solana. I’m a good technical writer, and, I’m not 100% sure I’ll have the time, but maybe we could team up to provide some more learning material, initially focused on a guide/course for doing exactly what you are trying to do right now.

Then we can leverage what you learn with your project to help inform the rest of the Solana community and make Solana, as you say, a greater success.

Edit: I created a new topic to discuss this in more depth:

I wanted only to suggest an argument. There is a youtuber that made it, but he did not explained. There is a commit to do in github. There is an icon sending step after wich the staff will insert the logo and the token name in the blockchain. After this step the self maden token will be complete. “Complete” means that in Solflare will come out the icon and the name. Actually, reading the guide, it is only possible to create the token, but not its icon/symbol.

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Hello solaners. I created a token and I listed it in the ecosystem by a way that I want to describe here. Sorry for my bad English.

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Ok. The first suggestion that I have to do here is to install Github Desktop. Since Github limits sometimes the editing the jason file because the trafic; and since there are issues creating a folder in asset/mainnet, i decided to try an external way for a better chances. Infact there is the way to create a folder by a button: create file. But with that button we can only create a file, not a folder. So I tried to create a 9rg59g8jhejbnrs98fhr8/.takeit file and then upload logo.png into that folder. After that I deleted the .takeit file. But nothing: all commits was wrong!

Github Desktop

With github desktop I made a fork to my own fork! The sense is to align the GithubDesktop repository to the our own repository (that is a Solana Fork) on Github online.
At that point of work we can make the changes in the local repository and after align it to the github one by the Github Desktop. The code must be perfect and the commit message must be: add XXX token.
Where XXX is your token name.
At the end we must go to the Solana Repository and ask to pull request from out repository. The choose is made by a dropdown menu where there are all the external repositories (forks). OUR fork will be the first in the list because we are logged.

Hey @jeyjey great explanation thanks for sharing, I’m sure this will probably help people who want to do the same thing. :+1: :smiley: