Authorized Withdrawer Key - Withdrawing Rewards from Vote Address with MultiSig setup

Hi All (sort of long and apologize for that)

This is regarding the authorized withdrawer key and withdrawing rewards from the vote address. Planning to use a Ledger Live Solana Account address for the auth withdrawer key (hence, key will be secured via Ledger device)

But also want the ability to add an additional layer of approval before the ledger key holder is able to withdraw rewards from the node. Basically want to see if there is a way to set up the rewards withdrawal process where not 1 , but at least 2 people need to be involved in order to withdraw the rewards.

Based on my understanding, this is possible through a multisig wallet. I came across 2 solana multisig wallets for mainnet: Cashmere & Snowflake Safe.

Now, regardless of which multisig wallet is used, what would the process look like for rewards withdrawal from the vote address using a multisig and ledger connection?

I understand what the rewards withdrawl process looks like using the auth withdrawer key and ledger connection (as seen below), but not sure what would change with a multisig wallet added to the picture.

So I am looking to understand what steps would change/be added to the rewards withdrawal process when a multisig wallet is involved:

  1. Need to ensure you have the Solana CLI downloaded.

  2. Then on that CLI, will need to run a command that basically says “I have the withdrawal authority key for this vote address; I want to take the rewards off the vote address and send to this new address.” The actual command run on the Solana CLI is the following (via Ledger): solana withdraw-from-vote-account -k usb://ledger <VOTE_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS> <RECEPIENT_ADDRESS> --authorized-withdrawer usb://ledger

  3. Enter the above into the Solana CLI while having your ledger plugged into your computer, and you will see the ledger tell you that a request is coming in and if you want to approve the request. Once approved, withdraw occurs and rewards are sent to new wallet.