Autobanned on joining Solana discord

I’ve had this problem for quite awhile, but didn’t know where to turn. Ive got some help before from a solana mod through reddit, they tried but I still had zero luck connecting. And I’ve posted in other existing thread but all I’ve received were sketchy private messages from phishers, I think.

Anyway, my current handle is Zoq-Fot-Pik#0666 …( think I’ve made my name unique enough but you never know!)

Thanks in advance!

Is this something you are still helping with?

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Hey Kion, you’re unbanned, you may rejoin again.

I got on! Thank you so much!!!

Hey @ansi09, could you also slide me an unban? isu |

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Hey isu
You’ll have to remove that " solana " word from your username ( & you’re good to go & rejoin again.

I finally got my discord account back… can you unban my account as well. I had some issues with discord and they banned my whole account when I put sol in my name… my name is Emery#2291
Thanks for your help!

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Hey Emery, you’re not banned, you may rejoin again.

@ansi09, I just tried a couple times and I’m still banned. Maybe it’s by ip?

if it gives you this error “The user is banned from this guild” then it’s something linked to your Discord itself & you’ll have to check the below link , it might help you solve it: