Banned from Solana Discord, Never Joined Before

Hey there! Trying to learn how to write dApps on Solana and figured I would join the Discord to ask a few questions. Attempted to join and was told I was banned, although I have never joined the server. My Discord username is beef#7148. If I could get un-banned, that would be awesome! Thanks again.

Hi @beef and welcome to the forum! :wave:

You can direct message ansi09#9424 on discord and ask him to un-ban you so you can access the discord.

The discord server has an over-aggressive auto-ban feature to try and block scams and it has blocked many users who have to be manually un-banned. Good luck!

@zicklag I had the same issue and can not message ansi09#9424 as I am banned from the discord. Can you please help or someone else help? I tried to join with the name ModestMonk and it told me I was autobanned because it starts with Mod, I changed my name to MattyMonk and it looks like I am permabanned with no way to resolve.

I also do not know how to direct message anyone on here so I am shooting in the dark right now…

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Hi @modestmonk and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Can you post your Discord ID here, make sure it’s the one with the #[number] after it.

@ansi09 is also here on the forum and he’ll get to un-banning you once he gets the chance.


No need to DM me, just tell what’s your Discord handle & i’ll unban you.

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Thank you I appreciate it.

If they are hardset on not allowing that name I can change it.

@ansi09 Hi ansi, it looks like I still am banned when trying to join. Should I rename myself? Not sure if you were able to unban me yet or if you did and it banned me again because of the name.

Hey, i unbanned you, try to change your username a lil bit & remove that " MOD " part of your username before rejoining again.