Be careful scam site:

Solana Devs Support site is a scam site.
It asks users to reveal their private key or seed phrase of wallet.
They steal coins from user’s wallet.
@Marc_dentea invited me to that site and he said like this:
Hello @blockchainlover2019
We have assigned a DEv Support to respond to your queries. Kindly use the appropriate link below to chat and have your issues resolved… for high priority response, use the case Id: EM5F42C9
Live Chat about Solana Development is here.

This is all scam and @Marc_dentea is a thief!
Let’s kick out him from our forum!

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Yes, @Marc_dentea has been on here for a while trying to scam people. For now we’ve been just flagging all his posts as spam, which has helped, but the account hasn’t been blocked yet. If we blocked the account, he might just use a new account with a different Email, but it would still be good to do.

If I can get authorized to be a Discord admin I’ll block that account. I haven’t gotten to asking yet, but I should be able to do that soon.

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