Binance sent wrong wallet please help me solana support

Not received Explorer | Solana


This my real address :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

But binance wrong address sent 86ouXBEiZiEsoMMcQQSWMneZQk9NvUfvpaNe5Ho13oH

Have you received it yet if not contact sol online support , for assistance

No sir i will not received please help me

Kindly text me on WhatsApp
‪+1 (801) 210‑9259‬

I don’t have use what’s app

Kindly send a direct message

I will search your number but whats app not found

Then do you have Instagram ?

Yes i have Instagram… But why need to you tolk Instagram and what’s up…you can help just… But why you need any social account need…?

I can help privately on Instagram, no chatting options here

You should perform an upgrade bro

Thank me later

@Jishan Link your wallet to Solana & cancel your order from there, it seems you’re having issue with the UI (User Interface) of the Binance dApp you’re using. If you’re still having any further issues, write to Write to Solana livechat support

scam stop trying to scam people @ Mayabryson001

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