BOUNTY: eth1 flashbots auction on solana

There will be a substantial reward for anyone who builds a smart contract for bidding on eth1 blockspace which allows the miner to get paid in USDC/USDT/random SPL Tokens on solana.

For fully trustless operation:

  1. miner posts estimated hashpower and public key
  2. users encrypt their tx bundle with the preferred miners public key and locks in the USDC
  3. miner posts the pow proof showing that the block has been included in the chain to claim the USDC

Submission should have some usable milestones to get to the fully trustless implementation.


Hi Anatoly! This is Akash from Marlin. The post was brought to our attention by a community member.

We are in fact working on a physically-settled futures protocol for blockspace/hashpower which is something you might be alluding to as well. Our mechanism is a bit different in that we penalize non-delivery instead of trying to prove each bundle inclusion etc. So, a more optimistic approach. But, these are details. Instead of users having to choose ‘preferred miners’, in further iterations, we can explore if it would be possible for users to choose a range of blocks where they wish to reserve space which can be fulfilled by any set of miners committing to the system.

We will be happy to consider deploying such a system on Solana. I believe we will have to look into the design of the wormhole bridge to understand whether transaction roots of Eth blocks are pushed to Solana, how often and by whom, if so, their incentives etc.


Awesome! Shoot over an email to

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