Can an NFT scam be reported or the money be recovered?

Few minutes ago got scammed. Received a message on discord, saying limited NFT’s for STEPN sneakers, priced at 2 SOL each. Redirected to a website

Upon approving through phantom wallet 2.05 sol were debited, and no NFt’s appeared in the wallet.

Anyway to report the scam and recover the money?


Hi @metathefuture and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately there’s no way to recover stolen tokens. I’m sorry about your lost tokens! :confused:

Sorry to hear that man. Only thing you can do is check where the funds were transferred and save that wallet address. Maybe at a later date we have more tools available to track scammers.

Also, a good idea to do a WhoIs lookup on that domain name.

All the best!

Hello @metathefuture you are not the only one, I have been scammed also.
Can’t even to anything with blockchains…
The wallet adress of the scammer Solscan

Hi I am sorry about that , note that I can help you recover your lost funds , reach out to me on

Hi , I can help you recover any lost funds within 24hrs what will you do ? Reach out to me on