Can’t withdraw USDC from Phantom to Coinbase

I tried to send some USDC from my Phantom Wallet to my Solana wallet on Coinbase.

I click on the send button in the USDC token in Phantom

Copy and pasted my recipient address from the Solana wallet on Coinbase as requested.

Transaction was done.

But I never receive the USDC amount in my Solana wallet

I can find the record in the Solana explorer, however, it seems that the USDC was sent to a newly created USDC address owned by the address of my Solana wallet on Coinbase.

How can I withdraw that USDC?

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

This is a fake ticket ID and a fake solana suppport site.

Isn’t that right, @Marc_dentea (who joined the forum eight hours ago and doesn’t even have the brains to change the ticket ID for different users)!

Have a look: