Can Tulip Garden's (Solfarm) Solana Foundation peer review be confirmed

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Trying to do some due diligence here. Solfarm’s team on discord repeatedly comments that the code has been peer reviewed by the Solana Foundation. Is there someone here that can confirm that this has happened? What would great is to get an analysis of the findings too if that’s possible.


Hi @Jevoncg, and welcome to the forum!

For reasons I don’t know, this forum seems to have very little participation from the Solana Foundation members and Solana developers. I recommend asking your question on the Solana Discord which I think is much more active as far as Solana Team members are concerned ( but I’m not sure, I’m very rarely on Discord ). You can find an invite link to the Solana Discord on the Solana website. I’ll post a link to the official website so you can verify the validity of the Discord invite:

Also, I post this warning everywhere on this forum because scammers are so prevalent. If anybody says they are a team member, beware that they might not be:

:warning: Warning: Telegram and Discord and other messaging platforms are a haven for people trying to scam you. Never give anybody your seed phrase or private key. Even support officials and admins will never ask for your seed phrase or private key. And never use a wallet app that you have not used before if somebody asks you to. They will fake a real wallet and use the fake wallet to steal all of your tokens.

Hi @zicklag

Appreciate the response. Will head across to Discord and ask there. Hopefully have some luck. Will post back my findings in case it benefits anyone else here.

Thanks for warning wrt scammers… they are fairly relentless on Telegram and Discord.

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Did you ever get any more information on this? I’m planning on joining the Discord and asking as I am interested as well. If you have, would you mind emailing me anything you learned or any documentation? Thanks!