Candy Machine mint-one-token error

Hello Solaners.
I am going to create my own NFT collection. My collection will be on a website that will show my NFTs. Every NFT will have its metadata description. To make this there is a good piece of code named Metaplex. Is here someone that works with that? The metaplex has the Candy Machine package that is created to upload and mint tokens connecting them to a metadafa file which has the same filename. Ok. the process is gone with the two steps, but in the tird one it stops with a transaction error. I am showing the two commands that interact perfectly with the IPFS space: the first command makes the upload and the sign of the file, and it is ok; the second command verify the upload and let me think to do the minting process. The third command is going in error. I exclude that it is due the amount of SOL (five) of the wallet. The error is not caused by the configuration because it is perfect. PLEASE A GUY that have already minted NFTs! Thanks.

ts-node ~/metaplex/js/packages/cli/src/candy-machine-v2-cli.ts upload \
    -e devnet \
    -k keypair.json \
    -cp config.json \

the second command:

ts-node ~/metaplex/js/packages/cli/src/candy-machine-v2-cli.ts verify_upload \
    -e devnet \
    -k keypair.json

the tird command:

ts-node ~/metaplex/js/packages/cli/src/candy-machine-v2-cli.ts mint_one_token \
    -e devnet \
    -k keypair.json

the error:

Timeout Error caught { timeout: true }
      throw new Error('Timed out awaiting confirmation on transaction');
Error: Timed out awaiting confirmation on transaction

Please anyone that mints NFT by command line, thanks.

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Hi @jeyjey , I haven’t done this myself, but it sounds like there is a problem connecting to the Solana network.

This could be because the devnet is having temporary network problems. Maybe check the Solanabeach page for the Devnet and see what the transactions per second looks like:

You might just need to try again later.

You could also reach out for help on the Metaplex Discord:

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Thanks for the reply. This is a new thinking in my mind: at first go to Solana Beach to see if it all right!!


Hello all solaners. It seems that the devnet problem is definitive. Testnet and devnet have issues.


The TPS is the same as the MAINNET!

Are these issues responsible to the solana falls? At the moment Terra is growing up faster … Probably the issues will not be solved as soon as the orange balloon describes …

Hello just in case you would know how it ended.
The folder ~/metaplex/js/packages/cli has a test folder. Into that test folder there is a file called:
This is a file that prepare all variables on the fly. It runs everytime!! So there is not a devnet problem. The devnet problem could exist, but not for weeks.
So the problem is my command, but my command is perfectly made by the tutorials. The upload to infura ipfs is perfectly done; to pinata done; to arweare done; the verify_upload command gives the ready to deploy! message. But the mint_one_token function doesn’t work. The config.json is ok; the 0.json metadata of the png file is the same of the test, all of my configuration is the same of the test but only the works!!! The wallet is funded. The packages are correctly installed and the mint command doesn’t work if launched from the test folder too! Please read the error below:

Rejected via websocket { InstructionError: [ 4, { Custom: 6019 } ] }
Timeout Error caught {
err: { InstructionError: [ 4, [Object] ] },
slot: 121414024,
confirmations: 0

Error: Transaction failed: Custom program error: 0x1783

I found around here that there is a no funding issue. But the wallet has 3.8 SOL and the nft price is 0.01 in the config.json file. I want to mint only one token!!

Yeah I have the same error and 6.9 sol in devnet wallet.


The secret way: use mint_multiple token instead of mint one token. Mint multiple token, with the parameter set to number 1, works … solana is a little bit raw …

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I actually got the mint one token to work but I had to remove the gate keeper not sure why though