Can't compile Solana version 1.7.15 on Windows

Hi There,

I downloaded the latest Solana version 1.7.15 and tried to compile it on a Windows Machine, below image gave me a compilation error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Unfortunately I don’t have a Windows machine, to see if I can re-produce, but I still might have a couple tips:

  1. It seems like that line throwing the error shouldn’t even be in that file at all. I’m not sure how it got there, but try deleting that line and see if it works after that.
  2. Maybe setup your dev environment inside of WSL ( Window Subsystem for Linux ). I think WSL is not enabled by default on Windows, but it creates a virtual Linux environment on your Windows computer that you can install Rust in and compile Solana inside of. I don’t know how to enable WSL, though, you would have to Google how to enable it or something.

Hope that helps at least a little, let me know if you need any more explanation!

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