Can't copmlete to connect phantom wallet to mint

hey , i have an issue with connecting wallet to the mint front end page , i click on “connect wallet” and the approve but shows me green box “connecting…” and nothing happen after , im wondering if is because expired RPC (btw im using mainnet)

Hi @thomas and welcome to the forum. :wave:

First off a warning, do not reply to direct messages, the forum is overflowing with scammers who will try to steal your money.

Connecting your wallet to an app doesn’t usually require connecting to the RPC server, so I think that wouldn’t be the problem.

Try looking to see if you have any other wallet pop-up windows that are open or something like that, or just try again later. If the problem persists you probably want to reach out to the specific project you are trying to connect to, because they’re the ones responsible for setting up the wallet connection.

Don’t forget to only connect your wallet to sites you trust!