Can't deploy or interact with devnet

If I try to airdrop or deploy to devnet I keep on hitting this error:

Error: RPC response error -32601: Method not found

I’ve made sure I’m pointed to devnet with

solana config set --url devnet

but it’s still failing.

Any guidance?

solana --version solana-cli 1.8.0 (src:devbuild; feat:3417546377)

Hey seb, i’m having the same issue. Devnet, testnet, and on my quicknode rpc… were you able to find anything ?

Hi guys!

It looks like you may have installed Solana from source, and it looks like you’re using a dev version newer than the stable release. That’s probably why you’re getting the error.

Let me know if installing the stable version doesn’t fix it.

Ah that could be. Yes I had to build from source for compatibility on an M1 macbook. Was on master branch, will give v1.8 a try

That did the trick. Thank you!! :metal:

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