Can't Retrieve SOL from staking validator

I staked some Solana thru my Phantom Wallet with StakeCraft. I recently elected to unstake it in order to withdraw some funds for an IRL financial need. In the Phantom wallet I selected to unstake the funds, then approximately 3 days later I checked and it says my stake is inactive (which according to the Phantom website FAQ means I can withdraw). However when I choose to Withdraw Stake, it gives me an error message.

When I check Solscan, the transaction to deactivate my stake is there, but no other transactions beyond that. I assume that StakeCraft still has my SOL but how do I retrieve it?

Who do I contact to resolve this? StakeCraft directly? Solana customer support?

I’ve attached some screenshots of what I see in my Phantom Wallet as I go thru the process.

Thanks if anyone has any advice or can help.

Hi @magnus73 and welcome to the forum.

I think that the error is related to the fact that the Solana network has been experiencing some performance problems for the last day or so. Many transactions have been failing to send due and the network transactions per second has been lower than normal.

Thanks…that would make sense. I’m not very familiar with the Solana network. I’ll keep an eye on it and try it again when I see the TPS increase.

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