Can't withdraw USDT from Sollet to Binance

I tried to send some USDT to my Binance wallet.

  • I click on the send button in the USDT token of Sollet

  • Copy and paste my Solana address of the Binance wallet as requested.

  • Transaction was done.

But I never receive those USDT.

I can find the record in the Solana explorer, however, it seems that the USDT was sent to a newly created USDT address owned by the Solana address of my Binance Wallet.

How can I withdraw that USDT?

Anyone had the same issue?

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You should withdraw it by cross-brige or deposite it in FTX exchange,
Binance don’t suppot solana network

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I have the similar problem. I cannot send sol from sollet to binance. While some days ago, I just sent sol from binance to sollet succeessfully

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Hey i have exacly the same problem. does anyone have any solution for this?? @support @solana

@Amyzhao i have found a way to solve this if you have a ledger divice, you to sollet with your current account already sign up then go to connect hardwallet and connect you solana account within your device i used solflare to access my sol account on ledger , so transfer your founds to the ledger account having the 2 accounts sign up and it will go smoothly. hope this helps :wink:

2 solutions:

  1. withdraw SPL USDT to FTX (or another exchange that supports SPL USDT) then withdraw to Binance

  2. convert your SPL USDT TO ERC20 USDT then withdraw to Binance

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I have exactly the same problem, does it mean that our funds can’t be accessed again ??

I have the same problem.
Hi i deposited 150 USDC from FTX to my USDC Solana adress (4moTKfjQtq9AQSDqJBrfCVshGcbbEMmEXt1xwUKvV9xG) on on 04.05.2021 at 23.42.27. After nearly 5 mins it has seen Completed on FTX, But still its not seen on my account. The transaction ID is;

But Gateio says that i sent worng adress. how that can be?

I have the same problem. I tried to transfer 839USDT from my wallet to Binance. I sent it as ERC20 and I didnt get anything on Binance. When I look at the transaction receipt it redirected the funds to a different wallet.

I have had the exact same issue but with USDC, did you manage to get it resolved? If so, how?

not yet :pensive:
There seems to be no way to have it back :frowning:

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Did anyone find a solution to get our USDT back?

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Not yet, I contacted solana on twitter with no response.

Maybe this helps Used Sollet to convert USDC to erc20 via metamask - Loss money · Issue #205 · project-serum/spl-token-wallet · GitHub

Pls explain how to do it.

All you need is to whitelist your sollet wallet then. You’re good to go

Sol now supported with binance usdt …is there any progress about your situation ?