Can't withdraw USDT from Sollet to Binance

I tried to send some USDT to my Binance wallet.

  • I click on the send button in the USDT token of Sollet

  • Copy and paste my Solana address of the Binance wallet as requested.

  • Transaction was done.

But I never receive those USDT.

I can find the record in the Solana explorer, however, it seems that the USDT was sent to a newly created USDT address owned by the Solana address of my Binance Wallet.

How can I withdraw that USDT?

Anyone had the same issue?

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You should withdraw it by cross-brige or deposite it in FTX exchange,
Binance don’t suppot solana network

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I have the similar problem. I cannot send sol from sollet to binance. While some days ago, I just sent sol from binance to sollet succeessfully

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Hey i have exacly the same problem. does anyone have any solution for this?? @support @solana

@Amyzhao i have found a way to solve this if you have a ledger divice, you to sollet with your current account already sign up then go to connect hardwallet and connect you solana account within your device i used solflare to access my sol account on ledger , so transfer your founds to the ledger account having the 2 accounts sign up and it will go smoothly. hope this helps :wink:

2 solutions:

  1. withdraw SPL USDT to FTX (or another exchange that supports SPL USDT) then withdraw to Binance

  2. convert your SPL USDT TO ERC20 USDT then withdraw to Binance

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I have exactly the same problem, does it mean that our funds can’t be accessed again ??

I have the same problem.
Hi i deposited 150 USDC from FTX to my USDC Solana adress (4moTKfjQtq9AQSDqJBrfCVshGcbbEMmEXt1xwUKvV9xG) on on 04.05.2021 at 23.42.27. After nearly 5 mins it has seen Completed on FTX, But still its not seen on my account. The transaction ID is;

But Gateio says that i sent worng adress. how that can be?

I have the same problem. I tried to transfer 839USDT from my wallet to Binance. I sent it as ERC20 and I didnt get anything on Binance. When I look at the transaction receipt it redirected the funds to a different wallet.

I have had the exact same issue but with USDC, did you manage to get it resolved? If so, how?

not yet :pensive:
There seems to be no way to have it back :frowning:

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Did anyone find a solution to get our USDT back?

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Not yet, I contacted solana on twitter with no response.

Maybe this helps Used Sollet to convert USDC to erc20 via metamask - Loss money · Issue #205 · project-serum/spl-token-wallet · GitHub

Pls explain how to do it.

All you need is to whitelist your sollet wallet then. You’re good to go