Carbon markets on Solana with African farmers

Hi all
I am the founder of PlantVillage ( a global public good that helps smallholder farmers in Africa cope with climate change and pests. These are extremely poor people: typically $2.50/day in earning but can be as low as $1.60. Climate change and pests threaten them and in 2020 our tech (which is AI in smartphones and cloud system integrating data) saved food for 36 million people in East Africa threatened by locusts. PlantVillage founder is saving crops through AI-enabled apps
It is not just tech: we are successful due to investment in super-smart young Africans called our Dream Team who help farmers use smartphones

We reach around 8 million people/week on TV in Kenya and >500,000 via SMS to feature phones

PlantVillage is a public good. But to generate income for its continued growth I am testing an idea for a company called Carbon4Good. A typical farm is 2000m2. We can plant 80 trees on the border and give advice on farming practices that increases the storage of carbon. We would estimate 1-2 tonnes carbon/farm/year. There are at least 300 million farms.

I am thinking of blockchain and smart contracts here. And via some oracle a verifiable database so exact carbon stored is known. A company in the US or Europe would buy carbon directly from a farmer and the public database acts as a verifiable system to say that the amount of carbon sold is correct.

I would like also to have a price discovery system: carbon credits from a farm in Africa where added benefits are community resilience, more education for girls and better diets is a better carbon credit then others so buyers should pay more. Also, like mining, there is an upper limit on how much carbon can be stored on African farms. So, we could have prices rise which is an even greater benefit to African farmers.

I am posting this here as I need help. I dont know know if this is a stupid idea! If you have suggestions or want to get involved. Lets have a chat here

Lets change the world and make it fairer for the poorest of the poor