Chrome randomly change my destination of my SOL withdraw

Hi to all, i sent my SOL to SOL address i copy and press my wallet ID and check many time after confirm i still capture the fund as yesterday i also face this problem from other exchange.
Today also happen to me that the address change by themself as i try to sent my SOL to 4jebV9j1bDxRmXhLXVLLgcWT2FBMj3zRs2cTMGYmsqcV but the address change to 7j5bxiFPSsScScBEjLj9qud5Yc2CqXGmembX3hQBdFTd by themself after i confirm the withdraw from 2 exchange,why is the happening? also this is not my first time sending the fund but suddendly this heppend to me. please help me find the solution.