Cloud vs Co-Located vs Home Setups

Hey folks! We’d love to get a feel for how many of you intend to run a Cloud vs Co-Located Setup.

Feel free to leave a response below, and I can update this post to summarise the statistics :smiley:

It’d be fantastic if you also shared a little bit about your reasoning around why you’ve chosen a particular approach as well!.

Also if you have any questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


twitter poll,

I will use a Tier4 co-lo for Tour de Sol :grin:

Might start w/ Home Setup and migrate to a Co-Located | Cloud

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Cloud because 10G . . .

Do we have preferred cloud vendor?

Azure vs AWS vs GCP vs Alibaba

Hey, so there’s pro’s and cons between various vendors. Broadly speaking our team has found that GCP seems to have better resolution than AWS when configuring a VM. Because in GCP you can control the number of CPUs/GPUs with a slider whereas AWS only gives you a pre-determined set of options.

Particularly for TDS you’ll need a GPU otherwise it won’t be able to keep up with the network once the transaction throughput starts to peak.

If you’re just looking to get something basic started - you could start with a p3.2xlarge or even a lesser p2.xlarge (1 K80) and scale up to a large instance when needed. At the moment the public testnet is still at a transaction rate that a CPU-only validator can keep up. GPUs become needed when the transactions-per-second are higher than 30k or so.

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Helpful! was anything new learned WRT platforms during the first validator dry run?

Hey @dkuwh, we identified a few issues. Here’s a little breakdown on it here in our Github.

As for which cloud vendor is preferred. I don’t think have a strong opinion on that assuming they broadly meet the recommended requirements outlined within the testnet participation document. If anything is worth noting, for tax purposes, do try to find a cloud vendor that offers you the option to use a non-US IP address if you’re not based in the US.

Ideally, running a home setup. Currently running a virtual box with linux. I might set up an old gaming rig with linux. I would absolutely love to be able to run validation on Windows so I don’t have to use a VM

I will be using a home setup. A GPU based setup to help with transaction speeds.