Codebase with good example of Solana

I just heard about Solana but I don’t have experience with blockchain tech at all. Can someone send me to the right place to learn what can I do with it and also a codebase I can try? I tried this one but I get Failed to connect to localhost port 8899: Connection refused when I run npm run localnet:up.

I apologize if there is a better place to ask this question!

Hi @oren, apologies for the delay on this. I recommend you direct this question to the #developers channel on Discord if you haven’t already:

Thank you! will I get answers to both questions there? code base and use cases?

Yup! There or elsewhere in Discord. Feel free to ping me there too if you have any trouble: @eric#6635

I already have a browser tab open with discord. when I click on the link you send me it opens a new tab and ask me to register. is there a way to search for the solana room from the existing tab?

i figured it out. thanks