Command to unlock my wallet

I was hacked into a phishing wallet. The event was reported and phising website closed.
The wallet also recieved a command from Phantom support for deactivating it.

Problem is, i still had money on it, and depositing was not blocked just withdrawals were.

Im asking where can i manually put this command to unlock withdrawals to take out what i had, and then to block deposits to this wallet?


Hi @Vibers9 and welcome to the forum!

It isn’t possible to block Solana token transfers to different wallets, so if you have the private key or seed phrase of the wallet then you can transfer the tokens out of it, but you have to know the private key or seed phrase for that wallet. Do you have the seed phrase or private key?

Never post your private key or seed phrase publically, though, I’m not asking you to do that here.