Conference Participation

Hello guys,

Hope you are well!

I come here to ask for a budget for participation in the DCENTRAL and CONSENSUS 2022 Conferences, which will be in Austin - Texas, between June 6th and 12th



Both events have a huge focus on NFTs and Metaverse and are perfect for the community we are creating in Brazil.

I’m Jian, and I represent Web 3 Education. I create content about Web 3, Metaverse and NFTs (games, music and sports) for Brazilians and we are creating a very strong community. I’m traveling in the US and it would be amazing to be able to visit both events.

Web 3 Education

Website –

Youtube –

What I’m looking for is a one-time funding for conferences only (if you think it’s too much, it can be just 1)

Some of the objectives of participating in these conferences are:

• Raise awareness of Web3 Education and our activities to a wider audience – we will do this through daily calls on our channels and partners

• Build contacts with web 3 professionals, metaverses and NFTs and discover new opportunities for creators and investors who follow us

• Bring real-time summaries of each lecture to the Brazilian public with videos on our channel and articles on our website – This will bring the news in Portuguese to our community of artists and gamers

• Lives at the conference’s location showing the news of the NFT universe – This allows our audience to imagine and research innovations that they can apply

• Creation of NFTs in Solana of the event and drop to our community – This creates an increase in the number of Solana wallets for those who wish to receive the drop.

• Interviewing/Talking with authorities and Solana projects (Audius, Metaplex, etc) - Enable approximation with Solana projects and bring rich content to our community.

As success metrics, I want to be able to increase the number of Solana wallets created, increase the number of followers, get good feedback from those who follow me, etc.


June 6th and 7th – DCENTRAL

June 9th to 12th - CONSENSUS

Financing Details:

Tickets: Dcentral = $499.00; Consensus = $1199.00

Accommodation: 6 nights x ±$100 = $600.00

Shipping = I will pay

Food = I will pay

Other costs = I will pay

Total = $2298.00

Solana Web 3 Education Wallet = AStQmQCvcmxjytPAAa4ToUktzNPsMDFpwo4HzS1k8Qtk

I hope these goals and metrics are good enough to receive the budget But I am open to ideas and challenges