Cost-efficient method to start Rarible like NFT marketplace

NFTs and NFT marketplaces are the talks of the town, while some think these businesses are mirages, many seem to disagree with that. Recently, NFT marketplaces are experiencing a high user flow, the famous NFT marketplace like Rarible has more than two million monthly active users and in 2021, the platform reported a trading volume of more than $200 million.
That’s a hefty income, but many misunderstand that they need large investments to start a business like the Rarible NFT marketplace because of the different methods available in the market. Usually, there are two methods to create an NFT marketplace like Rarible,

  • Developing from scratch
  • Using the Rarible clone script

Developing from Scratch:

Creating an NFT marketplace like Rarible from scratch is gonna take more time and money. You have to choose the niche of how your marketplace must look, work, and should be developed. Even if you have the technical knowledge to develop an NFT marketplace like Rarible it will take you more than a year to just develop the basics of Rarible without external support. After development, you have to test-run them and look into bugs and security issues, this will take another month or two.
Okay, but how about getting external help from freelance developers, sadly, this can be costly as they charge on an hourly basis and there is no time guarantee for the deployment, you also need to overlook every aspect of the project if you work with different developers and testers, this will roughly cost you about $100k -$500k.

Using the Rarible clone script:

First of all, the Rarible clone script is a pre-made software that can help you build an NFT marketplace like Rarible along with the benefits of making customization and changes with all the necessary features and modules. The highlight is time and money, you can start your own NFT marketplace like Rarible with a few thousand dollars. Yes, you can create an NFT marketplace like Rarible for $6k - $10k with the Rarible clone script. These scripts are pre-coded with the features that are required to launch an NFT marketplace like Rarible. As these scripts are pre-coded, they are tested and updated from time to time making it a secured and bug-free method.
This blog has a description of the features and benefits of the Rarible clone script, you can refer to it for detailed insights.

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