Cost of Candy Machine upload

Hello :wave: my name is w1onebit - pronouced as 1bit .
Quick question for those in the know:
I have 4000 NFTs to mint(images).
The price is 0.00167 *4000(images)= 6.68 Sol

The question is do I have to also pay for the .Json files which carry the (metadata)?

So will is be 0.00167*8000(image and .json file) = 13 Sol instaed
The reason I ask is I have attempted several times to mint but I get a response saying I do not have enough funds although I have enough for the 4000 NFTs.
Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
I could top up my wallet but I thought its better to ask first but also to introduce myself to the community
“Sol All The Way!!”

No need for a response guys, problem solved just some slight mistake with paths and coding :smiley: :+1:
oh yh, 4000 nfts is 4000 nfts regardless of the additional files for the metadata, image and its corresponding .json is 1 file

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