Could not compile `program` due to previous error

Hello everyone, I’m new to Solana and am having trouble creating a contract. Could you please assist me?

 use solana_program::{ 
    account_info::AccountInfo, // AccountInfo,
    entrypoint, // entrypoint,
    entrypoint::ProgramResult, // ProgramResult,
    msg, // msg,
    pubkey::Pubkey, // Pubkey,


 fn process_instruction(
    _program_id: &Pubkey,
    _accounts: &[AccountInfo],
    _instruction_date: &[u8],
 ) -> ProgramResult {
    msg!("Hello solana from rust");


could not compile `program` due to previous error

This is the code I use in Solana to create contracts.

The command for build → cargo build-bpf