Create nonce account on paper wallets

Hi all

Iam trying to create a nonce account by using a paper wallet.

Iam following this documentation: Durable Transaction Nonces | Solana Docs

I have tried many ways such as replacing nonce-keypair.json with prompt://?key=0/3 but it gives this error:

dynamic program error: No default signer found, run "solana-keygen new -o /home/xxxyyy/.config/solana/id.json" to create a new one

How do I create a nonce account with a paper wallet then?

Thank you

I found the answer to it after trying a couple of times.

Here is how you do it:
/usr/local/solana-release/bin/solana create-nonce-account -k prompt://?key=0/0 prompt://?key=0/69 0.1

NOTE: The number at the end of ‘prompt://?key=0/69’ is the amount of SOL you want to transfer from your ‘-k’ account to the nonce account. Just transferring 0.1 SOL is enough.

Do also note that the ‘-k’ account (prompt://?key=0/0) is the nonce authority.

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