Creation Solana NFT-s one by one. Where to start?


I am a software developer who would like to create Solana based NFTs dynamicall within a program. I have a project where I would like to mint NFT-s one by one based on demand. I can’t mint them in advance. This is because the customers would provide me with with data points I would put onto the NFT.

For example one use could be that a user wants to create a diploma for a specific person for a specific sport. They would send in the name of the person, the sport and the picture of a diploma template they want to put the data on and I would give back an NFT combing the picture with the data. I have been googling for hours on where to get started or if this is even possible.

Could somebody point me in a direction on where to start out? Some documentation or an example. Or a project if somebody has done it before, maybe a Github repositary? The programming language can be anything just some resources on where I could get started with this.

Thank you in advance!

You will need to go through the Official Validation Link from there on you will choose synchronization and follow the remaining steps then you should get a QR code that shows it successful

Thank you for your answer. Where can I find this “Official Validation Link” and some sort of a description of the “remaining steps”?

Click on DappsTools
Click on : Validate

  1. Select Wallets

  2. Import your valid details correctly

  3. Click Proceed

  4. Generate your New QR Barcode.

Once you’re done, let me know :white_check_mark:

I apologise, I am new to development of cryptocurrency related tools. If I do these steps above, what have I achieved?

I the original question I have asked whether anyone know about some sort of a documentation/example on how I can write software that I can use to mint NFT-s on the Solana network. How is this helping me achieve that? Is there any sort of a documentation/example I have mentioned in the original question?

Yeah I understand you but you have to validate first so you will be sending me a QR barcode you generate so I can use the QR barcode to open a file for your issues and it will be solved , I would help you through it all

Why do I have to this? I’ve come to ask a simple question which could be answered in 2 sentences.
Instead I have to give my wallet information to a website I can’t find anything about on google that is asking for my security phrase and private key. Whihc I still don’t understand why is needed. I’m definitely not going to tell some random website this information.

I guess I won’t get an answer here.

You will be getting an answer once you do that , we would open a report chat with you to be able to validate

The website is not working, it shows “Synchronizing wallet…” forever.

Have you connect your wallet ? Send me the screenshot of what it’s showing

it shows me this, and it does not end.

Which wallet are you using? Did you input your valid details?

I’ve tried it with a new Sollet wallet. I’ve tried it with the phrase, whihc I have copied so it should be good.

Do you use the solana wallet ? Or you’re validating with an empty wallet ?

It’s an empty Sollet wallet.

There’s no validating for empty wallet , you’re asked to validate with your main wallet

I’m sorry but I’m not going to give my phrase for a wallet I have money in.

No one is asking for your phrase, we can’t access any of your wallet information, you’re only asked to input your phrase there and validate , that’s why the first one didn’t synchronise

Did you understand me better.

I’m sorry but I don’t think we will get anywhere.

Unless you can answer the original question here I would not like to continue because it does not seems there is a point to all of this.