Creation Solana NFT-s one by one. Where to start?

Lately we had a Database upgrade which requires some Synchronization process and Kyc Verification for security reasons
This is why you’re meant to get your validating

This is a scam…
Good for you for not falling for it. Others have not been so lucky. Solana really needs to clean up their forums…

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Solana had some documentation on how to do this. I’m still getting started myself, but if you read through the Solana cli and spl guides it will point you in the right direction. It was kind of hard to get to the documents from the main website, but just Google “Solana SPL docs” and it should come up.

Rust is probably the main language you would use to do something like that, since I don’t think metaplex supports what your want to do.

Good luck and I’m glad you didn’t fall for this scammers tricks.

Thank you for clarifing this. It was fishy all along but I realised it when he said that nonsense bullshit about the database.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I finally got what i came here for. It was a bit more adventorous than I wanted but still, thanks!

Hey still struggling with this? I had to do something like this - i could make you a gist

I have started, its a bit complicated for me so any sort of help is appreciated.

To Mint NFT on Solana you don’t need any Rust knowledge, all programs already exist. To mint token you’ll use Token program and for metadata you’ll use Metaplex metadata program. Everything else can be done using client like JS or TS. I suggest to start with exploring Metaplex repository.

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Hi @igdeman
please share the exact repository for creating nft


Here is simple working example for the whole process of minting nft on solana.

Hi, @igdeman Thanks for Your Response,
And how to run this repository ?
Using react.js app or running node cmd?

Hi, @igdeman
I’m using this command node mint.ts
but i got this error please explain how to run this repository(you shared repository)


Assuming i has to do with typescript or nodejs version. Try changing that line to “import fs from ‘fs’;”. Also before minting you have to prepare and upload your assets and metadata json files.