Cyber: A decentralized google that utilizes Tendermint, IPFS and CUDA (Experience swap between validators)

A warm hello to the Solana community!

Long story short, we are building a tool that we believe shares similar values and technological aspects to the Solana network.

What we are doing is a building a decentralized version of google (google to be read as a verb here). Its called cyber and we spoke about it in many places, including places like Monero talk. The idea is to build a search protocol that can create an open and a decentralized semantics field for the new web. In our project, we utilize Tendermint, CUDA and IPFS.

We view Solana as technically a very similar project to ourselves in many ways, even though we use a different consensus engine. We have a unique code base. We use CUDA core. We use GPU to calculate the ranks inside our search engines. AFAIK, there are no other projects that share those similarities (well at least, none, that I would consider awesome).

So the idea behind this topic is to (A) swap experience between validators (compares to Solana we are yet a small network, with only a handful of validators, but we plan on boarding 146 in consensus), (B) arouse interest for validators on both, our side and the Solana side, © arouse interest and swap experience where we technically cross paths.

To keep a long story short once again, here are some links to what I think the Solana community might find interesting:

A) A post that contains our testnet release videos and technological roadmaps. I think this might be interesting because it talks about the technological ideas that we have: link to videos

B) Our onboarding link for validators. Here it would be interesting to hear what the Solana validators think about our incentivized testnets, where it went wrong, right, etc. Considering we ask for a GPU as a requirement for validators, it is interesting to hear more opinions on this: link to onboarding

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PS. we are fans of Solana ourselves (some of us are also early investors) and we try to bring Solana as an example in many places. For example, the latest is our time stoppers, web journal