Dev Needed For Brand DAPP!

Dev Needed Nanu Connect Market Place

Nanu Connect would like to hire a dev for a simple project. We will hire dev based on
• Expertise
• Price to complete project
• Estimated time frame

Build on the Solana Network

Goal: Build a marketplace to sell Nanu Connect bracelets in the form of NFTs

What is Nanu Connect?
Nanu Connect is a brand of luxury accessories focused on cryptocurrency functionality. The bracelets are handmade with premium materials, premium semi-precious gemstones, and jewelry grade metal. The bracelets are laser engraved with a unique Nanu Connect URL. When someone scans the bracelet, they are directed to a personalize digital payment landing page. The Nanu app is available on the Apple app store.

Create NFT Collection for bracelet sales:
Experience with Solana NFT minting would be helpful.

Deliverable: Nanu Marketplace Dapp
The Dapp is a simple marketplace that allows owners of a Nanu Connect NFT to purchase a bracelet. When a Solana wallet is connected to Dapp the are given the opportunity to purchase a bracelet. The bracelet would be purchased through the NFT sale and the Dapp would create the order.

SOL Smart Contract:
Contract should verify the connected wallet owns a Nanu NFT. The NFT should only be redeemable on pre-determined intervals (ie. once every 6 months.) Once the NFT owner enters shipping information a simple order form should be produced. The actual shipping and order fulfillment will be done on traditional E-commerce site.

Wireframe Deliverable

  1. Backend enters available tokens
  2. Dapp verifies wallet contains NFT
  3. Simple 2-page Dapp (will provide UI)
  4. Connect wallet button simple Java
  5. Check-out/ place order (common e-commerce UI)
  6. Smart contract to allow checkout based on pre-determined interval (i.e. token can check out a bracelet once ever 6 months)
  7. NFT contains variable option (i.e. This NFT is for a blue bracelet → display and allow checkout for only blue bracelet)
  8. Printable order output (i.e. type of bracelet, name, address)
  9. Printable output order number/ token id database

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