Developing a custom solana token

I need to create a custom solana token. I understand that spl-token-cli is the recommended way, however I need to implement custom features with unique tokenomics etc.

Is there anything preventing me to fork the token program and modify as per my needs and then deploy?

I haven’t bee able to find an example of this, nor I have come across anyone who has done this. I was wondering if this is not allowed or something?

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There’s absolutely nothing preventing you from creating your own token program forked from the official one.

The only thing I would note is that Solana wallets such as Phantom are not going to be able to display your custom tokens in them, because they won’t know about your token’s smart contract or how to get token balances, etc.

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So if I understand correctly, the wallets pickup the information from @solana/spl-token-registry.

Could we not do a merge request with the custom token information allowing the wallets to access the information?

You could, but not all wallets are Open Source. I don’t believe that Phantom is. Also, integrating a new token protocol might not be something some wallets are willing to do unless the protocol get’s widespread adoption.

This doesn’t stop you from providing a web interface that allows users to see how many tokens they have, etc. And they could still use Phantom or any wallet to interact with your app. It just wouldn’t conveniently show your project’s tokens inside the wallet itself.

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