Devnet cannot airdrop sol

Hi all,

The error message when i typed “solana airdrop 1” in devnet

Error: unable to confirm transaction. This can happen in situations such as transaction expiration and insufficient fee-payer funds

Can I solve this or only wait for Solana admin to debug? Thanks

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Im not an admin… but you can try this

be sure a wallet is connected:
“solana address” gives pubkey of connected wallet
Also have you been able to airdrop sol in the wallet previously or is it first time? There is a daily limit on on airdrop sol

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I’m not the first time and yesterday success to do this on testnet too, but today failed on devnet and also testnet with the same command.

The error message to today is:
Error: Dynamic program error: No default signer found, run “solana-keygen new -o xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.json” to create a new one

The message given by these 2 commands:
solana balance --keypair xxxxxxxxxx.json --url
solana airdrop 1 --keypair xxxxxxxxxx.json --url

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The instruction is saying to create a new key… so perhaps there is a broken link somewhere(is not connected)
In any case, the good thing is you are not on the mainnet yet so any mistakes made on the devnet do not carry severe consequences.
I would suggest just starting again from scratch and make note of everything step and thing you do.(trial, error, repeat) :+1:
Devnet is ok but you have be on the ball when it comes to the mainnet.

I solved it.

It looks like my candymachine obsoleted (downloaded in Jan 2022), I executed a command to upload NFT over 1000 (I guess candy machine v2 still have critical bugs at that moment) and network blocked my traffic to devnet (may be blocked by devnet or service provider, who knows).

When all the things download to the latest and switch to another network, everything is fine.