Did Nirvana have an ICO or IDO launch?

Yes, Nirvana did two launches, one for ANA and another for prANA. If you are new here, in a few words, ANA is a metastable token with unlimited upside and limited downside, since it have a floor price mechanism, that is raised over time. Also, prANA is a token that gives you the chance to buy ANA at floor price.

  • prANA launch

The launch of prANA was held on Raydium Acceleraytor with more than 227 thousand tickets participating on lottery-based IDO, on April 06, 2022. IDO price for prANA was 2$ for each token, with an allocation of 25 prANA per winning ticket. A total of 125 thousand tokens were offered for 5000 winners. After 3 days of the launch, prANA had their ATH price near to $20, making 5x from IDO price.

  • ANA launch

On the same day, Nirvana started the IDO for ANA. During 5 days they did a fair launch with starting price set at 10$ and final price set at 1$. At the beginning of the fair launch auction, the ANA token price started with a “boost”, artificially raising the price. This boost will decreased exponentially over 5 days, until it disappeared entirely. The effect of this early boost to the price discourages early rush buying. As the boost vanished exponentially, it had less and less of an effect on the market price of ANA, and the auction’s pricing mechanism seamlessly transitioned into a standard, market-driven dynamic. At the end of the five days, ANA started to be offered on the market at $4.92. After 3 days of the launch, ANA had their ATH price near to $22.