Discord link expired?

Hi, I was unable to get on the solana discord server and a Discord Support person said it was because the link on the Solana site had expired.

from Discord:

Linus (Discord)

Nov 15, 2021, 9:23 PST

Hey DC,

Thanks for providing the invite link!

It’s also showing up as expired for me here. Invitations can be set to expire (there are expiration options such as 30 mins, 6 hours, 1 day) and/or have a limited number of uses.

Could you ask one of the moderators to go to Server Settings > Invites and have them delete all previous invites they’ve created? They’ll then be able to generate a new link by clicking the ‘+’ icon next to the channel, or by heading to Server Settings > Invites > Create one.

Is that fixable?


I’ll try to check that out next I get on Discord, hopefully somebody can help out. It might be why so many users are having a hard time getting on.

Thanks for looking into it!