Do you have a custom RPC service to recommend?

Hi guys! I see that I need to implement a custom RPC to upload more than 400 images through metaplex upload. I’ve been told QuickNode is good. Do you have any reference? Thanks!

Is all you need a JSON API for NodeJS?

If so, ExpressJS is easy to use if you just need a simple API endpoint. It’s simple and tons of people use it so it should be really easy to get help if you run into problems.

I haven’t done anything with metaplex upload yet, so I’m not sure if it needs some sort of integration there or not.

I’m a bit lost here. I think what I need is to implement a custom RPC like stated in this post: How to run your own Solana RPC endpoint on Figment’s DataHub | by Kevin Rodríguez | Medium

But I can be wrong

Oh, gotcha, I totally misunderstood what was needed, and found a totally different QuickNode JavaScript API lib on GitHub which is absolutely unrelated. :upside_down_face: Now I get it.

You’ve got it right. :+1:

I haven’t tried any of the Solana node services, so I can’t offer any guidance, but the Metaplex community FAQ mentioned the following, which you may have already seen:

You can consider running your own (very hard) or use one of the following:

The latest candy machine cli code supports using a custom RPC node with the --rpc option.

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