Does Solana have a Developer Relations / Evangelist person?

This forum suffers from a severe lack of involvement from Solana devs. Many questions have remained unanswered, and the forum is the part of community with the least engagement.

What’s needed here is a Developer Advocate / Evangelist, the sort that the Solana Collective is supposed to support; the sort that Pyth and Wormhole are looking to hire.

Does Solana have such a person in their team? (Where is the team listed, by the way?) doesn’t show any openings for Developer Relations with Solana, and a previous job opening for a Developer Advocate is no longer active. So I assume that person exist? How can we contact them?

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I definitely agree. Once I can get on Discord next I’ll try to push some discussion to this topic and see what I can discover.

I think that the forum is a great place for people to get help especially as it helps persist the answers to questions that people have many times over, unlike Discord.

Also, I didn’t realize there was the Solana collective. I’ll try to apply!

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I applied for the Solana Collective about a week ago and I haven’t gotten any word back. The form said that immediately after submitting the application it would grant access to the Solana Collective Discord, but it never gave me an invite, and nobody on the normal Solana Discord even knew there was a Solana Collective Discord.

I also asked a couple of times on Discord about getting admin access to the forum, but nobody knew who the forum admin was, and otherwise the sentiment for those there seemed to be that Solana doesn’t have the bandwidth to maintain the forum and that it should be shut down completely!

I strongly believe that the forum is important and avoids a lot of the issues of Discord, which seemed a somewhat hostile environment due to the stringent spam rules: no posting links to projects, no newlines in posts, no asking about available freelancers. I understand the rules on Discord, but the forum can be more lenient by allowing multiple categories to prevent people from stepping on each-other, and keeping project promotion in its own spot, etc. Not to mention making it way easier to organize ideas and topics.

Anyway, I sent a message to the 4 users on this forum in the @admins group making a case for the need of the forum and asking for rights to help organize the forum. We’ll if that message gets through and what happens after that.