Does the Solana network pause after PoH generator(Leader) generated wrong entry?(Sorry Very Newbie Question)

I come from a non-tech background but I am really interested in Blockchain E-voting system as part of my research in the University.
I research PoH for sometime and think it’s a very good consensus protocol to use for E-voting since it can handle large scale transactions.
But I need help from you guys for better understanding of PoH and Solana system.

One thing I don’t really understand in Solana white paper(probably the best one to explain how does PoH work) is that what will happen after PoH generator alters user’s message in an entry and validators identify it as a false entry.

From my understanding that entry has to be cancel, the only PoH generator was replaced by the new one but what is after?

Is system gonna be a pause because it has to wait for repairing that block thus no new transaction was created during that(this problem may not occur with Ethereum because of long block time so Validators can repair the same block during that)

Thank you for your answers