Don't open this kind of links, the cost was my christmas money! :)

Hi! I’m really crushed at this time when writing this.

So I got airdropped a NFT.

If you got one too don’t open it. Just delete or I don’t know.

I was very sceptic when I was in the website. But they put Anatoly Yakovenko signature in the bottom of the page.

It was very interesting bacuse the illustration said it won’t cost me anything to accept a gift from the website.

Phantom wallett warned me and said my SOL balance will be at 0. Which I didn’t understand. Than they got me I walked into the trap. And approved the website as a trusted app.

I know I’m not going to get back my SOL but I want warn people. DON’T OPEN THIS KIND OF LINKS.

Hi @dep welcome to the forum. :wave:

I’m so sorry about your lost funds.

Yes, that’s a safety mechanism in Phantom. It will simulate the result of whatever transaction you are about to approve and in this case it showed you that if you approved the transaction, the site would take all of your SOL.

Thanks for sharing, though, and hopefully your experience will help somebody else before they run into the same problem.

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